Solar Energy Loans
Check your loan rate with no credit risk Check your loan rate with no credit risk

Solar Energy Loans can help you overhaul your own business, home, or community by providing you the money necessary to purchase the products that reduce your energy costs. Reducing electricity costs minimizes toxic green house gas emissions. With the money you save from using less energy, it will take you no time at all to repay your loan.

But that's not our only goal: We offer solar power loans to benefit Earth!

solar energy loans

Solar Energy Loans can be used to invest
in energy efficient items such as:

  • Solar Energy & Solar Power
  • Solar Panels & Solar Chargers
  • Solar Energy & Power Storage Devices
  • Powering Your Home with Efficient Solar Energy

If it's a device that uses the sun's rays to trap power, then it's approved! Green Loans allows applicants to:

  • Check your rates before filing your application
  • Take advantage of Green Loans low 7.43% to 35.84% APR interest rates
  • No early pay back fees
  • Exactly the same payment each month, no surprises
  • Green Loans approves loans from $1,000 to $25,000