Payday Loans

Do you need short-term cash, fast?

Payday Loan
Check your loan rate with no credit risk Check your loan rate with no credit risk

We offer a better alternative to online "payday loans": A short term loan that's as convenient as a payday loan, but at a fixed interest rate and with monthly installment payments over terms of one, three, or five years. (There are NO application fees or unfair monthly rollover fees, either.)

In a hurry and want to know how soon you can receive your funds? Money can be sent to your bank account as soon as the next bank business day.

You can still get fast access to cash, just like with any traditional online payday loan, but you'll get it at a fixed rate and with terms that cost you less and allow you more time to pay back the loan. (And you can always pay your loan off early with no additional fee. We actually encourage it!)

Apply now and check your loan rate. (There's no credit risk and applying does not mean that you have to take the loan; that is always up to you!)

If payday is weeks away and you don't have time to wait, then our payday loan alternative may be your best financial option for cash.

Compare us to the traditional payday loan competition:

  • All rates and fees presented upfront
  • Absolutely no fee for applying for a loan
  • Fastest financing - approval is often instant
  • Bad credit is OK - anyone can apply for a loan
  • You can be approved for cash in 1 business day
  • An installment loan option will be available to you