Privacy & Legal includes referenced terms such as loan rates, loan amounts, loan terms, et cetera, for illustrative purposes only. The presentation of these rates and terms for illustrative purposes shall not be construed as either explicit or implicit offers of credit. Every borrower's financial situation is unique and some borrowers may not qualify for a loan, for a loan at the rates and/or terms referenced, or for a loan of the amounts referenced, or any combination thereof. does not factor individual consumer credit situations into any underwriting process which the licensed consumer credit entity and/or financial services company with whom the borrower ultimately applies for extension of credit may factor into account when determining whether or not to underwrite a particular consumer borrowing application. Borrowers on active duty status with any branch of the military will likely apply with a consumer finance company and/or bank which may require verification of that borrower's active duty military status, in order to ensure their compliance with the ServiceMembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) and Military Lending Act (MLA). Thusly, specialized amounts, rates, and/or terms may be offered to active duty military borrowers by those institutions. does not engage in the sale, origination or extension of credit instruments or loans, performs no underwriting, credit checking, or credit reporting and may, in some instances, be compensated for the introduction of borrowers to financial services entities which will be able to service a particular borrower's financial needs. It is the ultimate responsbility of each consumer to read and agree to the legal disclosures, notifications, and terms provided by any institution with whom they may apply for credit. charges no fees for the use of its website and collects no personal information about visitors to its website.

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